Live Lice Free campaign aims at increasing awareness among the public about the problems surrounding head lice and scabies. Because ignorance is not bliss!

Why Live Lice Free

Imagine one fine evening when you decide to check on your kid and you find him, sitting like an angel and writing away. Suddenly, as you look on, he goes “scratch scratch” on his head. Sound familiar???

Studies show that kids from the ages of four to fifteen are the most prone to head lice. The worrying part is that the cause of head lice infestation is not related to cleanliness. Head lice can thrive on a clean head as much as they can on a greasy scalp.

#LiveLiceFree campaign aims at creating awareness among the public about headlice and the best ways to fight them.

The Lice Ladies of Brooklyn who went Corporate

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What NOT To Do If Your Kid Has Head Lice

The minute you find out that your kid has head lice; we are sure that some of you may have panicked and took too many unnecessary precautions.

Head lice & Nits- Not a problem for Dutch!

While the traumatizing effects of head lice infestation on children are well know, there surely are several ways to deal with them as well. This is what Netherlands.