Halloween or Christmas, they won’t leave a chance to make your head their home!

Experts Warn This Common Christmas Tradition Could Give You Head Lice

Head louse is a common problem among youngsters and they’re so easy to acquire from friends or families. Group selfies, sharing of hats and helmets, clothes and even beds are the major reasons of head lice infestation.

Earlier this year, authorities warned us about head lice infestation through Halloween costumes.
Recently head lice removal experts have warned in a Facebook post about these lurking monsters trying to make their way to your head the moment you’ll gather together for a family photo this Christmas.
“The holidays are a time of celebration and unity! We embrace our friends and family for smiling group photos and impromptu selfies,” Ottawa Lice Squad wrote for the Facebook post.
“But holding our loved ones close can introduce a risk: head lice! These tiny crawlers travel from scalp to scalp to find new hosts. An entire family can find themselves infested after an evening of merry fun.”
Well, it’s not just the selfies but sharing of personal items also can give you head lice from your dear ones.
“The togetherness of cousins and pals makes the holidays special, but it also can be a gamble,” Ottawa Lice Squad said.

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