Head lice & Nits- Not a problem for Dutch!

While the traumatizing effects of head lice infestation on children are well know, there surely are several ways to deal with them as well.

This is what Netherlands with a population of over 17.04 million have come up to treat head lice without an emotional cost on kids.

So, what are the ways?

  • When kids head back to school after the holidays, they are checked for head lice infestation openly within the school premises.
  • The school schedules dates and uses whatsapp groups to send notifications to parents. For volunteers, they organize workshops.
  • Volunteers are educated and given some training on how and what to look for. Also, parents can avail and check guidelines on the school’s website as they’re also expected to check their kids regularly.
  • During the routine check-up, if nits are found, parents are requested to collect their child and head to the lice treatment salons.
  • The interesting fact about this process is that they don’t reveal the names; which is why students don’t fall prey for bullying or mental trauma.
  • In one case, they were unable to figure out why one infestation didn’t go away. Eventually, they found that students were going for horse riding and they wore used riding hats. The school interfered and told them to wear protective caps underneath their riding hats. Thus, nits became history.

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