The Lice Ladies of Brooklyn who went Corporate

Have you ever heard of Nit-picking salon?

The idea might just feel a little weird for many but Brooklyn, New York has seen rise of such salons in the streets of Midwood, Brooklyn. With no public display signs, one would only observe it for a normal salon with woman combing little children’s hairs, but a closer look can make you understand the actual work in progress.

These ladies or we can say Nit-pickers use both traditional and new innovative methods to get rid of the lice. Not only the children but even adults visit these salons.

Nit picking is a long and laborious task which requires patience and thorough observation. It is an ancient process which helps eradicate lice eggs which fill on the hair roots obstinately.

Rise of a Brand

Nit Picking has now become a brand enterprise. It is no doubt that even here in India, we have witnessed nit-pickers but it always has been limited to the rural people. With the development of our knowledge the city now uses new comprehensive techniques over the traditional methods of removing the lice with greater effect and expertise.

Godmother of Nit-pickers

DalyaHarel, 56, an Israeli-born is considered as the mother of nit-pickers. She became an expert after one of her daughters caught lice in 1985. Ms.DalyaHarel combed the lice out with margarine (a conditioner), and said, “I did it as a favor to friends and then the principal hired me to do their class, and the rest is history.”

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