What NOT To Do If Your Kid Has Head Lice

The minute you find out that your kid has head lice; we are sure that some of you may have panicked and took too many unnecessary precautions. Here are the things you absolutely need not do to combat head lice. If you have ever heard one of these before, as part of the precautionary measures, then you should get rid of them right away!

Don’t Throw Away Your Combs

You need not throw away brushes and combs. All you have to do is to wash them with warm water and then soak them in boiled water. This method washes away the lice and all the other germs.

Don’t Treat Other Family Members

Family members, who don’t have lice, need not be treated. Yes, other members of the family undergoing head lice treatment will make no difference to the situation. You could simply check if anyone else have got head lice and just treat them. Just make sure, there is no head to head contact with the person having head lice during this period.

Don’t Do Laundry Every Day

You don’t have to wash linens every day. Except the pillow covers, washing bed sheets, curtains and other linens every day doesn’t make sense. You could simply clean the dust in them or put them in a dryer. Because, head lice can’t stay alive once they fall off the scalp. You need to wash only the cloths or other stuff with which your child’s head have had direct contact.

Don’t alienate your child

Head lice are not a disease and it doesn’t spread unless and until your child has direct head to head contact with others. Do not stop them from indulging in any activity. Treating head lice is not rocket science. So get your child treated and take the precautionary measures on time without freaking out.

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